Kamis, 15 Juni 2017


Sanlat was a very amazing experience.

On day one we were gathered and was divided into a small chunk of groups. After that we were briefed about the rules and the should and shouldn't of Pesantren Daruut Tauhid. It was quite an exhausting day because it was my first time doing so much prayer. Though it was exhausting, i still manage to joke around and took a photo of me being displayed in the cctv

After i went straight to bed

On second day i was woken up for sahur and it wasn't very pleasant for me because i had so little sleep and was still eager to go to bed again. But miserably there wasn't time so i have go get ready and get my usual speech about Ramadhan. After that we went to the football field and took a class photo

I also took a photo with few of my other classrooms friends


On the third day, it was a ourtime to go home so after a short story and lesson, we packed our bags and went home. Coincidentally, my house was a few blocks away so i decided to go home on foot.

I will never forget the amazing sanlat memories.


This is my friend, Rayna 

She is my classmate during junior high for 3 years. Currently she is studying in different senior high. Not only a classmate, she was my bestfriend and also my 2 year crush. Although we never had any kind of romantic relationship, she was very supportive of my choices and my opinion. Well, we sometimes argue and had a falling out once, but it doesn't stop her to always there by my side. She is also selfless and very humble.

She's a funny and beautiful girl truth be told, and who wouldn't have a crush on her. I believe she is the best kind of person in the world and right now, i feel like i miss her in person.

She's the most perfect friend a person could have


1.      Sorrow
2.      An Adjective that describes a person’s face (subjective) 
4.      To be curious or one of the few things that is great in this world 
7.      To intentionally take part in something you that you shouldn’t
9.   Something first or important
11. Another word for zero or feeling that describes an emotion to others
12. Purchase
13. A name of a movie that resembles frankestein or a name of an ape in Victor Frankestein
14. A bird that is a sign of badluck
15.  Something you wear outside your t-shirt or a synonym for military flak jacket 
17.  An american special police force acronym or to hit something
20. Famous mint seed
22.  A country which located near russia 
23.  Famous lightning god in norse mythology

2. A road that crosses a body of water or a road that connects one part of land to another
3. A movement which is made when we are sleepy
5. To press something
6. To own control of your life and country
8. To move or to change place of living
10.  An electric current suddenly bursting or to be surprised
14. A disable part of an organ

Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena or in English Goddess Athens is a Goddess known for its wisdom and calm temperament. Though calm, she is a also a warmonger and is a Goddess of war. She is known as Minerva by the Romans.
Because of her influential name, Dewa Athena was picked as a name for a our sport event in SMAN 3 Bandung. This name was hoped to give the participating students the personalities of the Goddess during the competition.
The competition was held open for all students, only the grade’s of each are separated. The 10th grade Dewa Athena has been held on 25th of April and 1st of May and the next will be held on 8th of May. The games that are held within are as follows
·         Male/Female Basketball
·         Male Indoor Football
·         Female Indoor Football
·         Male/Female Double Badminton
·         Male/Female Dodge ball
·         Male/Female Tug-of-War
·         Male/Female 200m Relay
·         Male/Female Gobak Sodor

Even if it’s open for all, ALL class must participate for there are attendance list. Also if there any class that decided to “walk out” in a game, they will be forced to pay a fine of Rp.100.000, which is not worth it.
The first day of game, 25th of April, was the elimination round. For me, it was the saddest day of the event. There were many disappointed face, a face that knows that they won’t go to any further stages. Nonetheless it was still a great day.
The second day, 1st of May, it was a bit happier than the previous, but the class participating became much less. There weren’t many supporters hanging around near the court. But it was much happier than before for we can see people enjoying themselves reaching the finals.
The 3rd day hasn’t been held but I believe it would be the best part of the event.

I personally can’t wait for the last part of the event.

Senin, 20 Februari 2017

Learning from nature

Human has existed centuries before present times. But nature has existed longer before.

Us humans are unaware that nature has been part, if not the cause of human history. Either humanity's salvation, or damnation, nature has played a huge role on how humans back then becomes humans of the present. We are ignorant and egoistic to think that everything happens solely because of human work and intellegence , when instead nature has given chance and experience to help humans achieve their goals numerous times that we humans lost count.

We have a lot to learn.

I am a highscholl student in city called Bandung, in a country crunched between two continents. A tropical country in which variety of wildlife prospers, Indonesia. I am also a member of an explorer's organisation named after a shadow puppet that gained his power by learning from nature, Jamadagni.

To live up to the name Jamadagni, i went on various explorations, in which i came up with a single conclusion, "You will never beat nature,  you will only find a way to be at peace with nature, and learn to appreciate it".

We can learn that nature will find away to create not only chaos and anger but can also peace and joy. This means that what ever we do or have done, will have it's results. If say, a bad deed have been done, you'll get what you deserve. Same goes to good deeds, you get what you give.

Nature has provide us with life, but what we gave back is death and destruction. What this cause is an imbalance situation where nature is slowly disintergrating. But as we know, nature will find a way to create a balance situation that may be done by human extinction. That being said, human haven't understand that we are an egg on top of a horn. We are fragile, and we rely on nature to keep us alive. Sadly, humans are stubborn and egosentrical beings as we often think that we rule nature and that nature is ours to control when it's not. Protect nature and nature will protect you back.

Nature gives the best lesson on life. We are the students, not teachers. We are the owned, not the owners. We are the needy, not givers. Nature teaches us humilty, a lesson that every human must learn. We are humble creatures against nature. Humans are nothing compared to nature.

Though chaotic sometimes, there's beauty in nature. The chaos, the untouched part of it is mesmerizing and captivating. It is the wonders of the world. We are obligated to protect it. But as said before, humans can be very egosentrical. Many things can be learnt from the beauty of nature, but if destroyed, we are unable to learn from it again. We cannot replicate the raw beauty of nature in anyway. There is no rebuilding or reshaping that can be done to come near as nature's beauty. Nature's beauty can only be preserved, and it's our job to do so.

To conclude everything. Humans need to remember that everything has feedbacks. We cannot do everything as we pleased, because we are only humble guests in a mansion. We have to respect the rules there and if not, we have to face the consequences whether we like it or not. We have to be humble, respectful, well-managed, well-behaved and open-minded humans and if else, nature will give us a painful lesson.

Be a decent human, respect nature.

Minggu, 27 November 2016



My unforgettable moment was the first time a went to Jogja with my schoolmates


It was about two years ago when i was still an 8th grader.

Why was it unforgettable? Because i had a great fun travelling with my friends in Jogjakarta. We went to so many places.

One of the places we went was the Prambanan. We had dinner there with the view of the giant Prambanan statue in background. It was surreal.

Near the Prambanan was a museum and we went to there to see a theatrical perfomance and also to learn about the history of the prambanan

After the going to Prambanan, we also went to Borobudur, the place was amazing. My class and i had a lot of fun there, it was an amazing experience

Also, we took a lot of pictures

It was really an unforgettable moment.


My days on RINDAM isn't quite as fun as some people might've thought. Though we we're some important lesson, it wasn't that great of an experience. Don't get me wrong i love spending time with my friends, it's just not that great.

Allow me to explain

RINDAM, or more commonly known as LKS (Student Leadership Training) was held on 18th October. It was a 3 day programme. During that programme we we're taught many life skills. One of the most emphasized lesson is the act to be more discipline. It's a very important  life skill and i don't mind learning that.


The way the lesson was handed to us is not quite correct. Not that i disliked being yelled at, i am quite capable of handling the sound that goes through my head. It's just the way our "teachers" taught. Many contradictory values and unspecified field of lesson also hinder and quite almost erased the lesson itself.

For example, we are forced to have our haircut without any excuses, even though your hair is short enough. I understand that short hair is often seen as being discipline, but that doesn't mean we can't look good. Having short hair THAT YOU DESIRE is okay. They should not have forced us to have our hair stripped away from us in such ill-mannered way. We don't have to look like a soldier in order to be disciplined, right.

But enough with the complaints, let's just talk about what i gained from there. What i've learned is that you cannot disobey rules. We have to follow rules. Also do not be disrespectful, we are guests in this world and should be disrespectful towards other guests.

Still i had quite a great experience with my friends there, i hope to see a better programme for student leadership training in the upcoming years